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Ecological Defense:
We desire to preserve and protect the environment as an issue of justice. The earthquake reconstruction is a huge environmental issue as government contractors are doing their "jobs" at the expense of the local ecology: damaging rivers, plant life and wild life. ADE has put in a formal report of the ecological destruction to MINAE (Costa Rica's Ministry of Environment and Energy). We are also currently working with biologists from the University of Costa Rica and other universities to research the negative impact and raise awareness.

Within these communities affected by the Cinchona earthquake in January of 2009, many families are still living in the temporary housing. ADE is working with individuals through representing them and fighting for them and their homes when necessary.

Medical Attention:
As there is no longer an active clinic in the area (due to the earthquake), ADE is doing what we can to help take care of the local people's needs, whether through transportation or medicine.

Education and Literacy:
Starting the first secondary school in this area is only the beginning of our long term educational development plans. As the majority of people in the community have a maximum of a sixth grade education, we are working to add to that through: Colegio Internacional ADE, English training, small business and vocational training, and the first public library.

Legal Assistance:
As justice issues (environmental and social) continue to arise, we work within our influence and as advocates for individuals and families in this community.