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Do I need to speak Spanish to enjoy my stay in Costa Rica? 
NO! Absolutely no Spanish is necessary. All nearby activities have bilingual staff, and ADE will be happy to assist in translating should any problems arise. 

How safe is the community of San Rafael? 
San Rafael is considered safer than many American towns. Because of its small size, the community relies on itself to govern issues, although a police officer patrols the area daily. 

What vaccines are necessary prior to travel to Costa Rica? 
None! Disease carrying mosquitoes do not live at elevations as high as San Rafael (6000ft). 

Will I need to rent a car? How are the roads in Costa Rica? 
ADE will provide transportation to and from the airport, and families are welcome to use ADE transportation for day activities if such arrangements are planned in advance. However, should you choose to drive, a US license is valid for up to three months in Costa Rica. 

What restaurants are nearby? Will I have to cook? 
The cabin will include a kitchen for those who would like to cook, however it is not necessary. There is a very nice French restaurant about 10 minutes away, in addition to several others that cater to both tourists and locals. ADE can also coordinate with local community members to have any meals prepared for a small price. 

Is there phone or internet access? 
There is internet and phone available free of charge. Visitors are encouraged to use programs such as Skype for international calls. 

What type of power adapter will the cabin have? 
Costa Rica runs on the same electric system used in the United States. All electrical appliances that work in the US will work here. 

What currency is used in San Rafael? 
The Costa Rica currency is Colones, at a rate of approximately 560 Colones to 1 USD. Colones will only be needed for purchasing local food and goods, and ADE will act as a broker at market rate for any Colones you need. All tourist activities will accept USD. 

What is the weather like in San Rafael? 
San Rafael has two seasons, a rainy season and a dry season, although both names are misleading. During February and March, the dry season, expect several full days of sunlight with rain scattered in between. During the rest of the year, expect sunlight in the morning with afternoon showers on most days. HOWEVER, because of the mountains, all nearby tourist attractions have different weather patterns, and the cities nearby are sunny virtually all year.