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Jardín de Esperanza

Hola from the garden!

Because we value all things sustainable, investing in the health of our community is a priority for ADE. We are introducing sustainable gardening and promoting nutrition simultaneously with a project called Jardín de Esperanza, Spanish for "Garden of Hope."

We plan to create a model garden at Casa Shalom to generate a dialogue with the members of the community so that all families can plant their own home gardens. We will use indigenous vegetables and local knowledge to show the community that vegetable gardening is practical and beneficial.

Another large garden plot and greenhouse will allow us to plant cash crops and more unique, experimental plants. The produce from this garden will be sold to restaurants and vendors to generate an additional income for the ADE High School.

Here are some steps we are taking to help Jardín de Esperanza come to life:

1. Plow the field                                                                                                
This is the future location of the model home garden.


This is the future site of the larger scale garden meant to sustain the ADE High School staff.

 2. Create the greenhouse.
Here is the current skeleton structure of the green house that will be updated.
This is the 3D floor plan of the future greenhouse. (Image by Morgan Ernst)

3. Build fencing.
4. Plant seeds.
5. Enjoy fresh produce!

We love our community and we are excited to promote gardening
and nutrition in San Rafael de Vara Blanca and the surrounding communities!